Top 20 Romeo and Juliet Term Paper Ideas for College Students

This is a play which dramatists, scholars and theatregoers have praised for hundreds of years. It is a tragedy written by the greatest playwright the world has known. Shakespeare captures the essence of love between two young people and the number of term papers and essays and theses which have been written about this play are too numerous to list.

This article suggests twenty possible topics or ideas you could consider in writing your term paper. Read the play first of course and then think about which, if any, of these topics might appeal most to your interest in the play. Remember that you can take the idea behind one or more of these ideas and adapt it to suit your real interest in the play. Brainstorming can always work if you have the right keyword or words. It may be even more productive with one or two fellow students working with you.

  1. How did fate bring the lovers together?
  2. What was the status of marriage in their day?
  3. Was it love at first sight?
  4. Who else in the play had experience of love?
  5. How does suicide relate to love as witnessed in the play?
  6. Does the age of the lovers have any relevance to their feelings?
  7. The play is a tragedy. Why? Could there have been an alternative ending?
  8. Suggest alternative endings to the play.
  9. What purpose does Friar Laurance serve in the play?
  10. Could the situation between the lovers occur in our world today?
  11. What impact did the lives of the lovers have on their families?
  12. What impact did the lives of the lovers have on the city of Verona?
  13. How did Romeo and Juliet change during the play?
  14. Shakespeare wrote several tragedies. How does the play Romeo and Juliet differ from his other tragedies?
  15. What are the differences between Paris and Romeo?
  16. What do we mean by fate when we talk of the death of the lovers?
  17. Why has this play remained so popular for so long?
  18. Juliet loves Rosaline and Romeo. What is the difference in her love for these two people?
  19. Does the love story unfold too quickly? Is that a reasonable time for such a meeting of hearts?
  20. Why do the lovers fall in love? What contributes to their feelings?

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