The Essentials Of Term Paper Writing For Rookies

As a student you will end up writing dozens, possibly even hundreds of term papers during your academic career. So, it is well worth your time to make sure that you learn how to write them well. Term paper writing an be broken down into a basic formula or approach that all good term paper writers follow.

Use these essentials to learn to how write a great one every time:

  • Choose your topic well
  • As soon as you are assigned a term paper you should start thinking “what am I going to write my paper on?”. Picking a topic can be one of the hardest parts of the writing process. You want to make sure that you choose a topic that isn’t too broad and isn’t too narrow for the length of your paper. Try to pick a topic where you won’t just be regurgitating information from other sources, but where you can provide some analysis about it, asking questions like how and why about it.

  • Develop a thesis statement
  • Once you’ve picked your topic you should develop a thesis statement. Your thesis statement is essentially a one sentence long summary of the argument or point that you make in your paper. The idea is that someone should be able to have a pretty good idea of what your paper is going to be about just by reading your thesis statement.

  • Outline your paper
  • Many students skim over this stage, barely outlining their paper. While this may save you some time in the short term, in the long run of writing the paper it will probably actually cost you time. Instead, as you are researching you should take detailed notes which include the reference and indicate whether it is a quote or your summary of the information. Then, once you’ve created a basic outline for your paper, you can arrange these notes into the proper order. When you are ready to start writing your paper you’ll have it most of the way done with all of your notes arranged in the order in which you’ll use them.

  • Proofread
  • Always be sure to proofread your paper before turning it in. Even better than this is writing multiple drafts, each of which you edit to make sure that the writing and your argument are clear. Some schools have writing centers which can help you to proofread.


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