Crafting A Good Research Paper: A Quick Guide

Sometimes crafting a good research paper can be difficult. Some have a hard time getting started, others have a hard time writing while others have a hard time picking a topic. In any case, we all have our challenges. Let’s see if those challenges can be overcome.

The first thing you want to do is decide what you want to write about. Make sure it is something you are interested in as you will need to read and use at least three reliable sources, preferably more. You may want to peruse through previous homework assignments to see if a topic jumps out at you. You may even want to revisit homework assignments from previous terms or semesters to get a topic. This paper is much like a dissertation, and you may want to call on it to use at a later date for your dissertation. For this reason every large essay you write you will want to try your best to do a really good job on it. Make sure you have a strong thesis statement and that there is plenty of information out there to support your thoughts, ideas, thesis statement(s), etc.

Here is a quick guide to get you started:

  • Decide what you are most interested in - based on current or previous term homework and classwork assignments
  • Start conducting some research on your topic - to confirm there is plenty of information out there on your subject
  • Decide what you would like to know about your topic -
  • Would you like to prove something, discredit something, or expand on something?
  • Are you in strong agreement with something or strong disagreement?
  • Create a strong thesis statement regarding your topic and what you want to write about
  • Go back to your research and pull out supporting information
  • Create an outline of how you want your paper to flow
  • Use your outline, in the order you have chosen, to write your paper
  • Elaborating on every number and bullet in your outline
  • End your essay by restating your thesis and, based on your work state have you proven your statement to be valid or invalid
  • Review your entire work for spelling and grammatical errors
  • If possible, have a freelance writer, professor, co-worker, or current or previous term classmate review your work and provide feedback
  • Make any corrections, as deemed necessary, based on the feedback provided

That is a quick, easy guide to crafting a good research paper. Think of it as a long essay. If you're fortunate enough to know a good freelance writer, professor, or librarian, they can provide great assistance also, especially with proofreading. You have a world of resources all around you. Use them.


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