Composing A Strong Cover Page: Free Research Paper Help

If you have to include a cover page in your research paper there are a couple ways that you can do it. Most instructors ask you to either do it in MLA or APA style. These are the standard styles that research papers are set up. You also might be asked to do it a certain way as instructed. Whatever way you have to compose your cover page, you should make sure you know the exact way your instructor wants it before you start to create it. I will tell you how to do an APA and MLA cover page for your research paper. This will give you a good start to help you create your own. Keep in mind that both styles require the spacing to be double.

APA Style

  • At the top of the first page of an APA paper is the running title that will appear on every page of the paper along with the number of the page in the right hand corner of each page. The running title is usually a shortened title of the paper.
  • In the center of the title page is the actual title of the paper that you are writing. It should be centered vertically and horizontally on the first page.
  • Your personal information can be in two places, either under your title or at the bottom of the page centered. You should check with your instructor to see how they want it. The information in this part is your name, class, teacher’s name, school’s name, and date. Some of this maybe left out if you are instructed to.

MLA Style

  • At the very top of the page will be the name of your university or school centered. There are no page numbers on this page, they start on the next page with your last name and then the page number.
  • Then about a third of the way down the page will be your title and subtitle centered on the page. You usually just need a title but you might have a subtitle and that goes directly under the title.
  • Then on the bottom part of the page will be all of your personal information. You need to include your name, course name and number, teacher’s name, and the due date of the paper. All of this information is centered and under each other right after another.

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