How to Use an Argumentative Research Paper Example

Do you want to improve your essay writing skills without actually writing several dozen of papers? You have a chance to do this by studying some high quality examples. When you read a good sample paper, you learn from it. Focus on the right things and you will be able to develop some impressive writing skills.

Studying samples of argumentative research papers may seem boring and a waste of time, but this can be an efficient study method if you pay attention to the truly important things. In order to benefit from example essays, you need to focus on the following:

  • Analyze the arguments the author makes.

    Which are the most persuasive? Why some succeed in making you change your opinion while others fail? You need to not only look at the argument but literally break it into pieces in order to understand what exactly makes it effective. When you discover the trick behind making persuasive arguments, you will be able to write a good argumentative paper on any topic.

  • Study the writer’s style.

    Writing style is very personal and unique. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot try to copy some of the things that impressed you. Be sure to add your personal touch to every idea or structure you borrow from someone else and very soon you will be able to develop your own unique style.

  • Expand your vocabulary.

    Pay attention to the wording the author uses as argumentative essays are often formal. You can pick up some phrases and learn how to structure your sentences in the correct manner. Be sure not to copy the passages completely as this will get you accused of plagiarism.

Remember that you can only learn from a high quality sample. Should you some poorly written papers, you will end up repeating the mistakes found there. This is why you need to choose the source you get the examples from very carefully. The most reliable of them are:

  • School libraries
  • Custom writing companies
  • University websites

If you decide to try your luck with the samples from one of the many free online databases, you should check the website’s reputation first. There should be plenty of reviews of these sources from other students.

It is quite possible to find high quality samples for free, so don’t despair if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase several good examples from a professional essay writer. You can also ask older students to study their essays. In this case, do not forget to credit the author in your own work if you use some of his or her ideas in your own paper.


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