Helpful Hints On How To Write A Research Paper In 9th Grade

I’ve found this site talking about tips on writing a research paper which is so helpful that it will assist the 9th -grade student to write their research paper. This site includes everything from organizing the paper to completing it successfully. I have discussed some of the steps and elements that should be followed when writing a research paper.

Choosing a topic

Select a topic that interests and challenges you. The attitude you put towards this topic will definitely determine the quantity of enthusiasm and effort you put into this research. Always select a topic that you can manage. Don’t dwell on subjects that are too technical, specialized, or learned.

Find right information

Information is only found by surfing the net. Use key words in the topic of research (incase the topic is long) as your search engine. Pay attention to the domain name extensions, such as .org (non-profit organization), .gov (government), and .edu (educational institution). You can also utilize special resource materials, web-based information services, and online resources.

Write your thesis

After doing some critical thinking, you should be able to write a thesis in one sentence. It serves as a declaration of your belief. The major portion of your research paper will comprise of arguments to defend and support this belief.

Make an outline

All the points used in the research paper should relate to the major topic. Making an outline will ensure that you stick to the topic as much as possible. Check the outline of the paper to ensure that the points covered within the paper flow logically from one to the other.


Here, you state your thesis and the aim of your research paper clearly. Here, you should state how you plan to approach your topic. In the introduction, you should talk about what you are expected to discuss within your entire research paper. You should be able to explain concisely the main points which you plan to cover in your paper and why exactly readers should gain interest in your topic.


Within the body, you present your arguments by supporting your thesis statement. Here, you find supporting arguments for every position you assume. Start with a strong argument, then use a stronger one, and finalize with the strongest argument for your final point. Within the body, you can make subtopics representing different ideas you choose to discuss within the paper.


In the conclusion, you restate and reword you thesis. Here, you basically summarize your major arguments that you have discussed within the body of the research paper. Explain why and how you have come to this distinct conclusion.


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