Getting a Sample Literature Review for a Research Paper for Free

What is a literature review?

  • It is a review of a published article discussing a particular subject matter or course of study that has been written within a certain time period.
  • The literature review is part of the dissertation or thesis paper that gives a description of the published articles and other sources used in the writing of the dissertation thesis.
  • The review summarizes the sources used to answer the research question, conduct tests for the research paper, and conduct experiments for the paper.
  • The literature review gives the writer’s viewpoint on the research question.
  • It also gives the reader an evaluation of all relevant answers to the thesis question.
  • This section of the research paper advises the reader what is the best resolution to the problem being discussed in the thesis dissertation.

How to properly write the literature review?

  • The student should ask their professor the following questions before writing the review:
    1. How many sources should the student include in the literature review?
    2. Determine what types of sources should be used by the student: books; websites; journal reviews; or articles from journals.
    3. How should you review and evaluate the sources: synthesize; critique; or summarize?
    4. Do you have to discuss an issue or theme that is common in all of the sources.
    5. Does the following information have to be included in this section:
    6. a. Headings;

      b. Subheadings;

      c. Background information;

      d. Definitions; and

      e. History.

  • Look for samples of how your professor wants the literature review written to use as a guide.
  • Ensure that the topic is as narrow as possible.
  • It is better to use sources from the past five years and current as possible.
  • Stay focused on the main idea and main theme of the whole research paper.
  • The thesis statement should be constructed in a way that it works for the literature review.
  • The review of literature section of the thesis paper should be organized per the professor’s instructions.
  • The review should provide evidence for the summary of the sources.
  • Be careful not to paraphrase too much and this section should be written using your own words and voices.

Where to find a sample literature review?

  • Can always ask your professor for samples to use as a study guide in writing your own.
  • Can always go to the library to get samples of literature reviews that discuss your particular subject matter.
  • Can always find a sample one on the internet.

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