Complete Guide To Writing An MLA Format Research Paper Results Section

As a student you should always be prepared to compose your research paper in any given format. It is so unfortunate that most students are not well-versed with the most commonly employed writing styles such as MLA, APA and Harvard and as an upshot, they all end up giving information that is not pertinent. This article however brings some light at the end of the tunnel for such rookies. Below is a complete guide for writing your paper in MLA format:

Spacing between words and sentences

Each writing format usually has a specific spacing requirement. In MLA, this is done both between lines, words and margins. 2.0 spacing is the most preferred for this style and therefore, no writer should avert from employing this rule. For the case of dummies, this is on the HOME tab of your computer.

Paragraph alignment

There are writing formats that necessitate development of paragraphs from the margin without leaving some space. However, this is a bit different with MLA because the rule requires that each paragraph should commence a few inches from the left margin. This is easily done by TAB button on your keyboard. There is no need to employ the space bar as it is quite tedious.

Research paper title

If you want to maintain pertinence, your work should have a specific title. This should be precise and short. Do not use more than 13 words. Positioning of the title is also something worth recalling any time you are required to use this format. For instance, this should be on the title page, which is usually the first page of the document. This should not be bold but plainly crafted using a clear font.

Writing font

As said earlier, the font for the rest of the work should also be acquit and easily readable so that people do not struggle to master it. It is advisable to employ font 12 and a New Times Roman as they give efficacious results. All the subtitle should also adopt this.


Your paper should have a header. This is basically a brief form of the title. It should appear at the top left corner of the document. Do not formulate something that is outside the context.


MLA requires that the writer notes down his or her sources employed in the research. When formulating this, adhere to writing the title of the source, the authors, year of publication, the edition number and the page.


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