Useful Instructions On How To Work On Your Science Research Paper

Writing a science research paper is a little different than writing any other research paper. This is because scientific research papers have sections for each step that you take in the process of answering your thesis of your paper. Once you pick your topic and write your thesis, you have to do all of the research and then compile it into each section.

The Sections Of Your Scientific Research Paper

  • Title: Your title page has to have a descriptive clear and concise title. Every noun must be capitalized in your title. You put your title, name, and date on the center of the page.
  • Abstract: The abstract is a summary of what your research paper is about. This should be less than a hundred words and should have the questions you are going to answer, what methods you are using, the results, and conclusions. This helps them understand your research.
  • Introduction: Your introduction shouldn’t be more than a page long and should give the reader any background they would need to know about the subject you are covering. Including history, relevance, and tell them what you are going to answer with your research.
  • Methods: Chronologically tell the reader about all of the methods that you used to get your results. This should include the details of the experiments, techniques used, and an analysis of the techniques that were used.
  • Results: Now you can tell them the results that you got from the methods you used. You can use graphs and tables to present your data. And if you uses tables and graphs then you will have several brief paragraphs in this section.
  • Discussion: The discussion part of your research paper is the section that interprets all of the results that and write a conclusion to all of your findings. You are not only going to interpret your results but you also want to address any unanswered questions, experiment inconsistencies, and negative results.
  • Work Cited: Now you want to compose your work-cited page. You will have to figure out what style you are to use for you work cited page, either APA, Chicago, MLA, and so on.
  • Appendix: The appendix includes any original data that you took during sessions in the lab. It should be a step by step process of how your did your experiments and explain it all simply to the reader.

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