How To Write An Original Term Paper In Psychology

Term papers are for every class you can think of in college, from music history to cooking class. This essay is a big part of your grade in college classes and is very important that it is strong, original, neat, and well informed. Many students have trouble with a lot of those aspects but nothing more than the original aspect. It is sometimes hard for students to write an original term paper and below how to write one in psychology will be explained.

Writing an original term paper in psychology

  • The first step to having an original term paper is the topic. This important part of the paper is the core of what is talked about and in turn the core of your grade. In order to help have an original paper you need a topic that is different and out of the box without being completely crazy. To do this, some research is needed. Look into areas that interest you and try and find a topic within that area that can help you find a topic that would interest you but be original at the same time. One unique topic for a psychology paper would be the idea of mood freezing, based off of a placebo pill given to patients to “calm them down” when in reality it did nothing and the patients calmed themselves.
  • After you have selected your original topic, the next thing to do is to figure out your approach to it. Another way to keep your essay unique is to approach the topic from a way unexpected. For example, if you are writing a paper on marijuana use, most students will go for why it is used or how it affects humans but an unexpected approach could be to discuss the effect on animals. This approach is entirely unexpected and would throw your professor and your fellow students for a twist. For a psychology essay, you could take the subject of mood freezing from the example above and instead of going for the pros and cons you can instead talk about its effect on the people around you, how the idea of mood freezing can affect you and your relationships.

Above is a quick guide to help you write an original psychology term paper that should impress your teachers and your fellow students.


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