4 Suggestions On How To Write A Good Conclusion Paragraph For A Research Paper

If you need to write a research paper then you may be wondering how to create a good conclusion paragraph for the end of your essay. Of course, the actual details that you include in your conclusion will very much depend upon the subject you’re studying and the topic that you are writing about; however, there are various suggestions that you can bear in mind whilst writing the conclusion in order to ensure that it is of a high quality.

  1. Make notes while writing the rest of the paper
  2. Whilst writing the rest of the paper, it can be a good idea to make notes of any points that you want to include in the conclusion. This is particularly important if you have written your research paper over several days or even weeks, as it will be easy to forget some of the details you have included in the rest of the other sections that you may wish to refer to. Of course, your conclusion doesn’t necessarily need to include all of the details that you have noted down; however, it will certainly make it easier when it comes to writing the conclusion if you already have some ideas written down.

  3. Ensure everything is relevant and keep things brief
  4. If you only wish your conclusion to be a paragraph long then it is important that everything that you write is as relevant as possible - in fact, this is true of conclusions of any length. Furthermore, if you do have a restriction on the length of the essay that you are writing, and you only want to include a short conclusion, then it is best to keep things brief, and use appropriate wording to ensure that you are as concise as possible.

  5. Do not bring up any new arguments
  6. Any points that you make in your conclusion should be based on arguments already written about in the rest of your paper. Therefore, you should not bring up any new points or arguments in the conclusion section.

  7. Double-check what you have written
  8. Finally, to ensure that the work is of a high-quality, you need to double-check what you have written. This includes checking the accuracy and validity of anything that you have written, as well ensuring that there are no spelling or grammatical errors either.


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