5 Sources To Get An Example Of A Research Paper For 8th Grade Students

Why research paper in the 8th grade?

It is important to understand that it is not expected of an 8th grader to produce some inventive research paper on complex topics that can bring about life changing revelations. It is to help the students to understand how to collect information and how to present it in the form of a write-up. Different schools have different guidelines but the basic idea of all the writings are the same.

The first few points to keep in mind

  • The first point of evaluation is the choice of topic. Choosing a topic can be difficult and you might need to invest a good amount of time on this. Some topics are easy to write on, some topics are very interesting and innovative. You need to find the right balance between these two.
  • The second point of evaluation is the content. Do thorough research from sources that are authentic and dependable. It is better to provide fewer details than giving wrong information.
  • The third point of evaluation is presentation. The format of a research paper is easily available on the internet, so make sure you give it a look and follow it. If your school has some specific guidelines on the format, you have to follow that too.

The importance of examples

Before you start writing, make sure you check out more than a few good examples. You will then get an idea of how to construct the whole write-up, what should be the tone of writing, what to include and what to leave out etc. You will also get some ideas about the topics, and how detailed your research needs to be. It is pretty easy to get hold of an example. Some of the places you can try looking are

  • Your school guideline – if you are provided with a guideline, there is a good chance that you will be given an example writing as well.
  • Online – you can always search online, but the format in the online examples might vary slightly from that of your school.
  • Seniors – if you know someone from 9th grade or 10th grade that still has their 8t grade research paper, give it a read.
  • Tutors – if you have a tutor you can ask him/her to give you an example
  • Journals and books – if everything else fails, this is the last resort

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