Food Delivery Systems: Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

The total resource needs for the first 18 months

There are several aspects of development that will be necessary within the first 18 months of Holistic Food Delivery Systems. The most important will be site development to create a meaningful and easy to use platform. This site will be the basis for business and will create traffic with customer and service provider visits. Therefore, it will demonstrate easy to use design and implementation standards for web and mobile access. This will require five to ten thousand dollars approximately.

In the selection of new staff, planning will be used to differentiate the needs of the business upon initiation. For example, HR staff will be selected based on their ability to choose people that can mitigate risks of the enterprise. Further, the hiring process will be put in place to create the maximum efficacy for individuals well versed in food and technology. While it may be possible for all employees to work remotely rather than in a specified location, the control of their schedules will be used to ensure live support is available at all hours a customer may need them.

Advertising will be crucial within the first 18 months of this service as well in order to create the best awareness and traffic for consumers to the site. This will require resources in terms of marketing strategy, planning, product advertising and placement. Based on the integrated processes available and resource planning, this could require fifteen to twenty five thousand dollars over the first eighteen months.

Finally, the development of recommendation algorithms will transpire in the early months and establishment of this business. This will require the implementation of existing technology as well as constant updating till the platform is able to provide consistent and beneficial reminders for the products and service that unique consumer profiles are interested in. This development will require seven to fifteen thousand dollars initially.

Ultimately the overall resources required over the first eighteen months will range between forty-five and seventy five thousand dollars. Such projections are average and reflect the general startup costs of food delivery platforms and systems. These financial resources will be required to fund the necessary personnel and development standards required for an effective business that is diversified and highly competent. Ideally, three to five individuals will be hired on an ongoing basis to meet the growing business needs of Holistic Food Delivery Systems over the first eighteen months.


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