A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Research Paper On Indian Literature

If you are tasked with writing a research paper in the literature there are many things.

  • The person you have to do is select the exact topic you going to use. Chances are the first idea that you have will need to be refined so that you can adequately cover it in the pages you have been allotted. It is best for you to have one or two ideas in mind which you can evaluate before you get started.
  • The next thing that you have to do is come up with a preliminary thesis. It is important that you remain flexible with this thesis. Chances are you'll have to refine it as you continue your research. Once you have the topic and the preliminary thesis you should write down all of the questions that you want answer in the course of your work. The questions which you cannot answer currently should make up the foundation for the direction of your research.
  • As you are researching it is important that you remain organized. You can remain organized by bringing with you at multiple colored notecards so that you can write down key ideas or subjects on one color card and supporting evidence on another color. You can also bring with your multiple colored pens and white cards and use the same idea but with a different colored pen for key concepts and supporting evidence.
  • When you write down quotes or statistics that you find in the course of your research you should always write down the bibliographic information pertaining to it. Having this will save you a great deal of time later when you put together your reference page.
  • Once you have contacted your preliminary research is time to create an outline. You can use the outline is an opportunity to determine any areas that need additional statistics or perhaps editing. After this point you want to start on your first draft. Paragraph upon completing your first draft you should revise the content for quality and then revise it for sentence by sentence errors. Take some time after completing this revision before you return to create the final draft. This will give you a fresh perspective. Finally, put together all of your references and your in text citations based on the format required by your teacher. Double and triple check the citations for accuracy before submitting the final draft.

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