How To Manage Quotations In An Mla Research Paper Properly

The Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines provide structure to a research paper. It allows for continuity and readers can expect a certain style and formatting. If you are writing an MLA research paper there are a lot of little do’s and don’ts you must follow. Sometimes people struggle with what to do about quotations. They are often necessary in the body of the thesis but there could be some confusion about what to do. Honestly, it is not as difficult as you might imagine.

  • Be Aware That There Are Different Types of Quotes. Within the standard guidelines. There are drop quotes for partial phrases, full sentence quotes, block quotes, and indirect quotes. You should consult the MLA guidelines to understand how to best use each of these within your paper;
  • Position the Punctuation Correctly. This can be a serious trap for a writer. Punctuation for a quotation can be a little bit tricky, particularly when the quote is at the end of the sentence. Depending on whether or not it is part of the quotation, punctuation is either inside or outside of the quotation marks. Ellipses are used when only part of a full quotation is going to be used;
  • Use Quotations Only When Necessary. Quotations properly used can make the research paper very interesting. However, overuse of quotations makes it all look like a movie script. You do not want your final work to look like a dialogue;
  • Be Careful the Style You That You Use. The MLA is not the only format. There is also the APA and the Chicago style of formatting quotes. You do not want to be in a situation where accidentally you are confusing the formatting styles.

Different formatting techniques are a major reason for going over your instructions carefully. Your professor or review board will be very specific as to the writing guidelines you must follow. Remember that the MLA format will ask you to include the author’s name and cite the page number where you found the quotation. There are some other little nuances that make the MLA style stand out from the others.

You may want to have a copy of MLA formatting style by your side as you do your work. It is an easy reference and can help you get use to the quotation styles. As you become more proficient. It will be a natural thing for you to do. The guidelines are meant to make your research paper that much easier to read. Naturally, that can help you get a better grade.


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