Where To Look For Decent Research Papers On Social Structure Theories

Social structure theories are such theories which deal with criminal behavior or psychology. These theories play a major role in decoding several workings of the criminal mind as they indulge in crime. The social disorganization theory, the cultural deviance theory, the strain theory are the three main theories which make up the social structure theories. These theories are magnificent as they have significant influence on several public policies. Finding decent research papers on social structure theory is a matter of being attentive as well as receptive. You can take help from the clues given below:

Going old school- Although you find all information from the internet, there is nothing that could compete the books. 'The Theory of Social Structure' by S. F Nadel, Nan Lin's 'Social Capital: A Theory of Social Structure and Action', these books could make you lucky when you are out on the hunt of decent research papers. Books contain numerous experiments and researches that their authors have conducted. It will not be an uphill work if you chose few books and made them your companion for few months.

Online resources- the search engines have saved you many a times during your troubled moments and they will salvage you again. There are a plethora of blogs, websites, both maintained by authors and writers, articles, sites like JSTOR and AcademiaEdu from where you will be able to find the treasure-box of research papers. You need seek them out using correct titles and names.

Go to the library- Both your institute's and national or local libraries might come in handy. After all we do remember about this humungous building stuffed with information and knowledge when there is nowhere else to go. A library dwells in abundance of certain things which you never imagine. Free access to internet, book clubs, magazine sections, journal counters, audio and video CDs on innumerable topics are very few names in the league.

Read reference list- You must never ignore the reference lists of any publication, journal or article. This is the treasure trove of the best research papers.

Your professor/supervisor knows it best- There is absolutely no harm in asking for some extra advice from the mentors or professors. They will never misguide you unless you had irked them bad previously.

It is intimidating to rummage through several sources in pursuit of decent papers but if you know the right way, don't bother!


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