Helpful Suggestions on How to Write a Persuasive Research Paper

Many years ago, teachers would assign research papers where students simply had to research a topic. They would dig through microfiche, journals, encyclopedias, and books to learn all they could about a topic. These informative papers were lengthy and fun to write. Now that the Internet has done all of the research for us, teachers have to come up with new ways to get students to conduct research and craft lengthy papers. They have come up with the persuasive research paper to take care of this problem. Persuasive research papers still require students to look up facts and details about a subject, but they have to take those facts and defend an argument.

Craft Your Own Argument

The challenge for students comes with crafting an argument. With all of the writing that is available online, students will have difficulty finding an argument that has not been used. No one wants to be accused of plagiarism, so they need to create something original. In some cases, students might not even want to search the Internet for argument ideas. They should create their own ideas about subjects they are interested in learning.

Use What You Have

The best way to craft the argument is to build it off of the information you can find. It is easier to persuade someone to agree with you if you have the information to back up your argument. So, instead of hunting for research to defend an argument, build the argument based on the research you find. This will save you time on your researching. By crafting the argument after you research, you might only need to look at five articles instead of digging through 20 to find information to suit your needs.

Stay Organized

Once you have your information and your argument, plan your research paper with logic in mind. There are logical organization styles that are appropriate for different types of papers. You might need a chronological paper if you are writing a persuasive paper for a social studies class. You might want a cause and effect organization for a science paper. You might want to use order of importance for a literary research paper. Choose the style you want to use and plan your paper with the information you have found. Keep track of the sources you use as you use them so you do not forget to document them.


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