Pornography: Impact On Individuals, Marriage, Family, And The Community


In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 9.2% of the cases involving child abuse has been sexually molested. Recently, a more alarming statistics has been generated suggesting that not all sex offenders are adults. In fact, 23% of the filed cases were perpetrated by individuals 18 years and below. In a study conducted 2013, it revealed that young sex offenders have identified pornography as one of factors that motivated them to commit the crime. Given this statistics, the author of this paper would like to enumerate the implications of pornography on individuals, marriage, family, and the community according to the different studies conducted on this topic.

Pornography: Effects on Individuals

As mentioned earlier, a study conducted in 2013 involving youths below 14 years old revealed that majority of these sex offenders are stimulated by peer pressure, but most importantly they felt compelled to have sex after viewing pornographic materials. The accessibility of the internet to pornographic websites paved the way for everyone, including the youth, to get access to adult materials. The advent of the internet has made restriction and censoring of pornographic materials complicated.

Pornography: Effects on Marriage

Marriage binds couple together in unity. Along this union comes legal obligations that must be recognized. However, this does not entirely apply on sex and physical intimacy. These two acts must still be consensual. With that being said, it is not surprising that there are cases relating to marital rape. Marital rape is defined as sexual act done without consent. In which case, studies revealed that pornography plays an important role in most of these cases. In fact, some married men and women use pornographic materials throughout their marriage for several reasons. However, these materials often lead to coercion and violation of another person rights. Furthermore, it was also revealed that men who regularly consumes pornographic materials tend to compromise their marital well-being. In fact, according to a study, men who frequently watch X-rated films and access similar materials are often divorced or have extra-marital affairs.

Pornography: Effects on Family

When marriages collapse, the family is always the first to feel the effect. Doran and Price (2014) suggest that the result of pornography, i.e., divorce and extra-marital affair, begins the rift within the family. Couples begin to experience being unhappy and neglected. In a similar study, it showed that pornography tends to affect men’s sexual gratification standards. According to the authors, pornographic materials replaces the marital sexual gratification among men, which resulted to women feeling sexually unsatisfied.

Pornography: Effects on the Community

The disintegration the basic unit of society’s moral fibers significantly affect the community. As a result, families lose the moral ascendancy needed to function effectively in the community. Families also lose the ability to contribute productively. The community will then have to shoulder more unproductive individuals.


In conclusion, this paper revealed that pornography has a negative impact on individuals. As a result, it will create a domino effect that would affect personal relationships particularly intimate relationships, and one’s relationships within the family. When families are broken, the community is always at the receiving end because families make up the community and whatever is experienced in this basic unit will be translated to the community.


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