Creating An Excellent Research Paper Literature Review

Below are some tips on how to write a successful research paper


Is important and needs to be concise stating what message you want to achieve and be contained in one paragraph. Within it you must achieve as follows:

  • Should be interesting to the reader
  • State what is being covered and explain its importance of the study
  • Contain your argument and entail what it is you are trying to achieve
    • Explain the purpose e.g. is it a new, existing or extending argument or are you making an evaluation

The literature review

Next you need to extend on from the introduction and expand on the topic and explain the purpose in fine detail. Using evidence to back up the message, you are trying to send across. Mention contributing findings to back up the topic being researched. You can use quotes or refer to textbooks. Your review should flow from one idea to the other supporting with any evidence or information you have researched.

The theory (argument) and hypothesis

Is a result of what finding or argument you have discovered from researching the topic? Identify the idea in fine detail ensures to include as follows:

  • What assumptions are you making
  • Show where the they derive from
  • Any possible causes or reasoning
  • Identify evidence to prove what you are saying is correct and is backed up

The research design

Evaluate your hypotheses explaining:

  1. To whom does this apply what sample you will study and how you went about selecting the sample explain any unavoidable bias
  2. What is the unit of analysis and how have you measured your dependent and independent variables provide a summary of statistics for each variable
  3. If any control variable is needed include your analysis and why you included them

The empirical results

Here you present your analysis (graphs and tables) and have a discussion of the results and findings. Ensure you label and title evidence clearly.

The conclusion

  1. Summarize what you have learned and what has been achieved and the evidence
  2. Discuss possible directions and possibilities for future results and what it had led you to believe and the conclusions drawn from your findings
  3. Explain why this research was necessary and how did it advance and meet required goals

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