Coming Up with Unique Research Paper Topics

One of the easiest ways to make sure your research paper is successful is to write about a topic that is highly interesting or highly current to your reader—that readers are still talking about at the time of composition.

However, you do not want to pick a topic that is so obscure that no research has been published yet on your topic—otherwise, you will have no one to dialogue with in your essay, leaving the burden of authorial voice entirely upon you and secondly, you will have no research to put in the paper—and you are required to write a research essay.

Places to Find Research Paper Topics

One way I’ve found to come up with new ideas for essays is to visit YouTube and Reddit. Both are cornucopias of recent developments in fascinating topics such as Space exploration, and new developments in biotechnology, new developments in organ growth, development, harvesting, washing (indeed, they say in ten years, we will simply be able to walk into a huge ware house and pick out our own pair of lungs or a new heart.

Amazing Discoveries and Research Papers

Indeed the reason I am suggesting new developments in organ development is because of a bunch of recent investigations being done into organ growth. A group of scientists are now growing organs on the backs of mice—ears to be specific. Also, another recent discovery was that organs may now be transplanted to people of different bloodtypes—that they merely only have to be washed with SHAMPOO of all things.

Amazing stuff.

Space exploration is always interesting too, and there may be some new developments on our explorations of other planets, new theories about how our planet was formed, or there’s the recent theory asserting that human beings are made of stardust. It might be interesting to trace our descent from stardust on up.

Stay Fascinated

Also, try searching YouTube and Reddit for fascinating new things to write about, new discoveries in science, new discoveries in medicine, new discoveries in microbiology or marine biology –

Also, there is always the topic of extinction of any of our planetary resources—including the destruction of the coral reefs.

Of course, an interesting topic might be the destruction of the planet itself.

Stay fascinated with your world—the moon, stars, and universe around you and you will never run out of things to write about!


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