How To Find A Qualitative APA Research Paper Sample

Finding a qualitative APA research paper sample will help you to make sure your paper is up to current standards. You can use a sample as a guideline for your paper or simply use it to refresh your memory on how an APA-style paper is supposed to be formatted. There are ways you can go about finding these samples that will ensure you write a quality paper that will stand out amongst the rest.

Sample-Finding Tips

  • The internet is a wonderful resource for finding samples for all types of papers. University websites offer examples as well as other free or low-cost websites. Check with your university to see if they have samples available online.
  • Talk to your professors about APA guidelines and ask them if they have any samples from previous students or an outline with examples for you to use as a guide. This will allow you to know exactly what your professor is looking for and ensure the accuracy of your paper. Make sure you also ask your professors if they recommend any online or print resources that will help you to write your paper effectively.
  • University and local libraries may have internet and print resources that you may not have access to. Visit a library and talk to a librarian about what resources may be available to you such as books and other internet resources.
  • Visit your local bookstore and purchase a book about APA-style writing. Many of these books have examples built into the work. This will help you to create an outline for your paper and make sure it is formatted properly.
  • Talk to peers or former/current students about papers they have written in this particular format and see if they can provide you with an example of their work.
  • There are online classes that you can take to help you learn more about APA that will provide samples for you during your enrollment period in the class. This will help to enhance your skills in APA and paper writing.
  • Search through old papers you have written to see if you have any samples of APA-style writing. You may be surprised to find you have already written one before.

These are all effective ways in which to find samples for your research paper. Samples will serve as a guideline for your paper and help you to enhance your overall paper-writing skills.


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