7 Steps To Completing A Term Paper About Leadership

Leadership is a key quality that people look for in their employees and their bosses today. It is extremely important for people who are hired to inspire and, obviously, lead. However, it is quite a difficult term to describe and define. Writing term papers on the subject can be extremely interesting. Below are 7 steps to creating an excellent essay on leadership.

  1. Find some people you consider to be ‘leaders.'
  2. Select some people that inspire you with their leadership skills. Then try to understand what they all have in common that makes you consider them as ‘leaders’.

  3. Think about your assumptions
  4. What do you think makes a good leader? Why? What does that say about the topic? Challenge your assumptions.

  5. Find a dictionary definition...
  6. And discuss whether it is right / wrong / inaccurate. Suggest your own definition. This can be very tricky, to get such an intricate term defined in just a few words. Support your ideas and suggestions!

  7. Get your friends to discuss leadership
  8. Ask others what they think of when you say the word ‘leader’. Note down those qualities. The mass opinion of what makes a good or bad leader can be an interesting way of supporting the observations you make in your term paper.

  9. Think of famous leaders
  10. What did the most famous leaders throughout history have in common, if anything? Why did these particular qualities make them good leaders? Also identify some bad leaders and explain what made them particularly bad.

  11. Compile all your thoughts
  12. Once all the steps above (1 - 5) have been completed; it’s time to collect all your thoughts and findings and put them all in one place. Once you’ve done this and gone through everything, compare the sorts of things that you’ve found out and select what will be interesting to discuss in your term paper. There will be a lot of stuff, so you might have to cut quite a lot!

  13. Enjoy!
  14. Once all the difficult bits - the research, the chatting to other people and the thinking - have been done, it’s time to have fun with the actual writing. Take your time to make a plan about how you’re going to fit everything in, and then put pen to paper and watch an excellent term paper be created before your very eyes! Remember to read it through in the end and proofread everything.


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