A List Of Great Math Term Paper Topics For College

The first problem you are going to encounter is getting your head around writing about math, it may seem a little paradoxical but if you find a math term paper topic that inspires you, you will have no problem. So you need to think outside of the box and realise that math is not just about numbers and calculations – math is everywhere.

You may need to do a little research but once you have decided on a topic area you will find that there is lots of evidence to support your paper.

  1. Math in Art - tessellations. What is the best shape to use for tessellations? What are the rules that govern tessellation? Why is tessellation introduced in the curriculum quite early on? Are the rules the same for mosaics?
  2. Math in stained glass – this is not about tessellation this is about cutting out and fitting glass shapes together. If you think about it you can only cut glass in straight lines so how do we manage to cut curves?
  3. Math in Nature- Look at a pine cone. Relate the arrangement of the pine cone to the Fibonacci sequence.
  4. Math in sewing – this is about the application of knowledge such as estimation of area of fabric needed; the number and size of stitches that are most appropriate for a particular fabric. Think also about quilting – quilters have to be great mathematicians, look at some of the more complex designs.
  5. Decorating - again this is about estimations but also about using formulae to determine the amount of paper or paint needed to decorate a room (measuring and applying to predetermined factors such as quantity of paint in a can).
  6. Math in fusing - calculation of the time that is needed to fire a particular item and at what temperature.
  7. Historical aspects – what led some of the greatest mathematicians to their discoveries?
  8. Math in cooking – timing/weight/ density.
  9. Math in gardening – determination of the number of plants needed to fill a particular area. Changing the formula based on the projected growth of the plant when in full bloom.
  10. Math in aviation – particularly in design and efficiency.
  11. Math in shopping – best deal for money, or price per unit etc.
  12. Math in baking – ratio of raising agent to flour and other ingredients.
  13. Math in packing – estimation of the size of objects and the space they need is they are packed. Think also about the formula that removal companies use.
  14. Math in jewellery design - look at the way that jewellery is made. How does the jeweller design symmetrical and non-symmetrical pieces that balance rather than appear lopsided?
  15. Look at the origins of the some of the concepts that we use in daily life. Do you think that the mathematician who originally discovered the concept would be surprised at how we use those concepts today?

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