A List of Outstanding Research Paper Topics for the Psychology Course

If you are tasked with writing a psychology research paper, consider the following outstanding research paper topics:

  • Write about the psychological impact that current media portrayals of male/female dynamics is having. Is it detrimental to men to only see married couples on television where the wife is attractive and intelligent, and the man is a stupid, fat child?
  • Discuss whether the internet has made people less inclined to progress intellectually. In spite of having so many resources at their fingertips, it seems people only search in their free time for meaningless cat videos and information on the latest movie stars rather than scientific breakthroughs or new medical discoveries. Is this going to harm the intellectual average around the world?
  • Write a paper that discusses the psychological effects that religion has on children. Are children who are raised in a religious household riddled with guilt once they age? If they have sex or drink alcohol, does their childhood fear and religious guilt cause them to suffer more and become depressed?

Once you have your topic selected, it is time for you to start the research portion of your psychology paper. When you are conducting research, you want to be creative. That being said, you should try the following tips:

  • Start by reading something general about your topic. You want to thoroughly understand it, so if you are writing about a Burmese dissident leader, you might want to brush up on the politics and political history of Burmese leaders. By reviewing basic background information you can attain a broad grasp of the subject. This trick enables you to identify the things that are important and where you want to focus your research efforts. You might be tempted to jump right in and start your research blindly, but this will only end up wasting your time. You can find preliminary information from government websites or textbooks.
  • Try and treat your research as though you are a detective, looking for clues. Look for a variety of headings that might be related to your subject. For example, if you are searching for background information on Vietnam, do not only search for sources that have that word in them or start with “V”. Instead, add to the list things such as “Henry Kissinger” or “U.S. Foreign Relations” or even “Southeast Asia” or “Ho Chi Minh”.

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