Clear And Simple Research Paper Writing Guidelines For High School Students

High school students have to write research papers during their studies. These assignments can focus on different social and scientific issues. It is impossible to compose a strong paper without a proper organization, so clear and simple writing guidelines for high school students will be useful for you.

Choosing a Strong Research Paper Topic Idea

Coming up with a right topic idea is an important part of the writing process, so you should start considering possible topics as soon as you are given the assignment. The following guidelines are created to help you select a brilliant idea to write about:

  • Keep in mind specific class requirements and research paper related nuances.
  • Check whether it is enough literature available on a chosen topic.
  • Look for an original topic that you can offer a fresh insight into.
  • Select a subject that you would like to learn more about.
  • Ask your academic advisor and classmates for some advice.
  • Use the possibility to change your topic if it does not seem right for you.

Following Important Research Paper Writing Tips

After you choose a great topic, you should conduct research, create an outline, write your assignment, format the document, edit it, and submit it to your professor. These tips will make the entire process easier for you:

  • Conduct research in numerous forms.
  • It is required that you study different literature sources, such as journal articles, blogs, books, encyclopedias, magazine articles, academic databases, websites, and others. However, select around ten primary sources to study them more precisely. Compose a bibliography list while you are studying the sources.

  • Create a high-quality outline.
  • You should take notes while you are working with information sources and annotate your research. Remember to add your own commentary and highlight important evidence. Then, organize your notes, identify the goal of your writing, develop a thesis statement, compose the key ideas, and finalize your outline.

  • Write your paper.
  • Follow your outline and write the first draft quickly. It is easier to start writing your body paragraphs and then come back to prepare an effective introduction chapter. Avoid long quotations, add transition sentences, and make sure to provide explanations for your research results.

  • Format the document and proofread it.
  • You should find out what formatting style you are required to use. Get a writing manual with some examples to avoid common mistakes and format your research paper without a hitch. Use the options provided by your word processor to catch mistakes and double-check a print version.


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