A List Of Exciting Middle School Research Paper Topics

For many students, middle school is an exciting time. It is a time of transition from primary to high school. During this time that you will be expected to start independently thinking and will be asked to come up with an exciting research paper. Your teachers understand that you are still young, and learning the ropes. However, they still want to stretch you. To encourage you to be the best that you can possibly be, and developing a strong work ethic and the ability to research an exciting paper will stand you in good stead for high school and beyond.

It is important when deciding what topic you are going to research to find one that captures your imagination and appeals to you. You are too young to have learned the art of writing about subjects that bore you to tears. That joy is reserved for later life! Understanding a subject is a great foundation, but unless it really grabs your imagination then you are unlikely to reach your full potential with your paper.

Choosing a subject that you both understand AND love can be tricky. Hopefully, some of my suggestions will ignite that spark:

  • Famous historical female leaders: Did they shape the regions that they ruled? (Boudicca is a great starting point)
  • Is the food that children eat healthy? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that children get a balanced diet?
  • The life story of a legend. (They can be living or dead, and you can choose from history, arts and entertainment, music, film – People like Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Patrick Swayze all spring to mind)
  • Compare and contrast two or three themes in different Jacqueline Wilson books. Has her portrayal of Tracy Beaker helped or hindered the situation of children who find themselves in care?
  • Harry Potter: hype or genius? Is J.K. Rowling a one-off legend, or are there other authors that compare?
  • Are Vegan and Vegetarian diets healthy lifestyle choices, or does a balanced diet need to include meat?
  • Is there a place for mobile phones in schools? Or should there be a blanket ban on their use? Does allowing mobile phones in schools create a “have/have not” culture?
  • Are children who have a family pet kinder and more compassionate people than their peers who do not have pets?

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